Banking review and cost savings for BearingPoint

BearingPoint’s growth is based on three synergetic business units: Consulting, Business Services, and Software Solutions. The first unit covers the consulting business with a clear focus on selected business areas. The second unit offers IP-driven digital assets and managed services beyond SaaS. The third unit provides market-leading software for a successful digital transformation. Across all units, BearingPoint develops new, innovative business models together with clients and partners.

We used Bankbrokers to review our banking costs across a number of countries. Their professionalism and deep understanding of the market impressed us. The final report provided a detailed overview of our bank costs and potential for savings. It worked well to have them negotiating for us with our banking partners. The result was a significant decrease in our banking costs and much better insight into our banking cost drivers. We highly recommend them.

Eveline Stam, Group Treasurer


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